Windows, accessories
Doors and accessories
Decorative glass

Joinery, jambs and window sills

We make no compromises. Our company works only with profiles for Rehau PVC window profiles, international leader in the field.

The profiles for the doors and the windows are the latest generation.

They are imported from Germany and have a 20-year warranty.

The production line is Rotox, fully automated and robotized.

It excludes the possibility of some manufacturing defects or human factor errors.

This production line allows the profiles pasting and deburring at the 0.2 mm thickness, the soldering being almost indistinguishable (it won’t have that unpleasant aspect to the ends and needs no retouching with the proof reader).

Windows types used:

We have over 120 Guardian & Saint-Gobain brand windows types. They can be in packages of 24 mm or 32 mm thickness, made of two sheets of glass (duplex) or in packages of 32, 40 or 44 mm, made of three sheets of glass (triplex), with Argon, between the glass sheets.
We also have the possibility to offer you white or colored sandblasted glass with different models, simple stained glass windows or with fused pieces.

Hardware used. Depending on options, the best hardware Sigenia, Roto & Wink Haus-activ Pilot, easy to open, use and close.

Windows accessories:

For your home comfort exclusive space to be perfect, we supplement our windows offer with a complete range of accessories such as:

- External rolls applied or superposed (thermal and phonic insulation, partial or totally obstruction of light from outside, prolonged resistance to weathering);
- Interior sills (PVC) or exterior sills (Aluminum), different width or colors;
- Insects nets, built in roll, nets hinges or nets roll,
- Fabric rolls, horizontal or vertical blinds;

Profiles used:


Colors used:

Ventilation grille built in the window
Perfect for substitution the traditional Oberliht - the little opened window from above

The thresholds for the doors

Warranty joinery:
- 20 years for profiles,
- 10 years for hardware,
- 4 years for glass,
- 4 years for installation.

Warranty conditions