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Vertical fabric or PVC blinds

Unlimited variety of materials, colors and combinations make it unique. Antistatic treated, made from wear and fade resistant materials, they may also offer elegance, warm and respect in the same time. Vertical blinds may have 2, 3 or 4 layers.

Possibilities of openings: (There is not any difference of price between the ways of openings)

- Opening to the part where your control cord is;
- Opening to the opposite side of the control cord;
- From the center to the side;
- From side to center;
- Asymmetrical, with two control cords on independent heads.

The offer for the vertical blinds starts from 40 lei/ square meter VAT included.
The whole offer includes 28 types of material and over 200 colors.
The special devices for the inclined (11E/ ml) VAT included.
The measurement, the devices, the accessories and the installation are included in cost.

Special offers:
- Inclined blinds
- Vertical blinds with the blade of 89 mm (+30%) PVC or
- Aluminum vertical blinds


Samples vertical blinds