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External PVC or aluminum shutters

It represents one of the most efficient, useful, comfortable sunscreen systems.

The offer:

- PVC rolls: 35 euro/square meter VAT included, available in 15 colors;
- Aluminum shutters: 72 euro/ square meter VAT included, available in 16 colors.
The measurement, the devices, the accessories and the installation are included in cost.


- The insect nets and the shutters can be installed on the same pane of glass, either into the overlapped boxes or both into the shutter box.
- For painting the entire system (the box, rolling paths and the blades) in colors imitating wood, the price increases with 25%
- The rolls may be equipped with motor shaft with switch or remote control. It can be made paneled blinds and sides guiding in various shades, wood imitation.
- The exterior shutters are ideal for closing the commercial spaces from malls or terraces.
- It represents one of the most efficient, useful and comfortable sunscreen systems.
- The blades that make up the shutters may have different thickness, sizes and colors.